About Us

Atal Innovation Mission (AIM) is Government of India’s flagship initiative to promote a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in the country. It aims to tap on the inventive minds of the future generation to address a myriad of problems facing the community today. AIM’s objective is to develop new programmes and policies for advancing innovation in various sectors, provide platform and collaboration opportunities to different stakeholders, create awareness and an umbrella structure to oversee innovation ecosystem of the country. Some of the major initiatives committed to under the aegis of AIM, include establishment of Atal Tinkering Labs across schools in India to inculcate a problem-solving mindset, Atal Incubation Centres for nurturing premium start-ups. It is also instrumental in setting up platforms like Atal New India Challenge that promotes innovation in product development to cater to the need of various sectors, Mentor India Campaign to create a network of stalwarts and pioneers from different fields to support the mission, Atal Community Innovation Center to trigger innovation in the underserved regions, and ARISE for fostering innovation and research in MSME industry.

Dell Technologies is committed to transforming businesses, shaping the future of innovation and developing technologies to drive human progress. Their 2030 Social Impact Vision - Progress Made Real is rooted in three core areas that best define the social impact: advancing sustainability, cultivating inclusion, and transforming lives with technology. The burning drive to impact and transform lives through technology has pushed Dell Technologies to invest in human capital, thus enabling innovation to further propel unprecedented human development. Dell Technologies continues to play a vital role globally when it comes to shaping the digital future of humankind by enabling communities and individuals alike to have increased access to technology. As a pioneer in digital technology, it is credited with providing the most modern, unparalleled, and innovative technologies – an amalgamation of both, pragmatism and inventiveness.

Learning Links Foundation (LLF) is a not-for-profit organisation that has been consistently working towards enhancing the quality of education. LLF firmly believes that sustainable change requires a deep rooted innovation mind set, and the outcome of a quality education should be for developing future-ready citizens. It believes that its goals can be achieved by bringing about measurable and sustainable change in the education by leveraging the power of the innovation ecosystem. In the process, the organisation has established a robust network by collaborating with reputed stakeholders and partners. This has resulted in strengthening the delivery mechanism of its services and has brought a marked furtherance in the impact of its programs. LLF has left an indelible mark on improving learning outcomes in government schools, creating an innovation mind-set for youth, building work ready skills, enhancing teacher quality and driving for policy reform in education.