The love for video games makes you spend a lot of time on screen. Others may think you can use time more wisely but playing video games does have its benefits. Research suggests that this helps improve concentration, problem-solving and also reduces stress. Many of you may even want to design your own games and that’s what you will learn here, on this platform.

Game development is an umbrella term and requires a galaxy of additional skills like creativity, critical thinking, storytelling, visual aesthetics/ user interface design, programming, and strategic thinking. These skills, also known as future skills, are the most sought after skills in the workforce of 2030. You are very likely to be a part of this incredibly skilled future workforce. How then, does turning your passion into a profession sound to you? How excited would you be if you get to develop these skills right here, right now? Well, that’s what Planet Code does − helps you build skills of the future. Planet Code is a web-based immersive platform provided to you by Dell Technologies along with Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog, Government of India and Learning Links Foundation. The platform offers series of courses to equip you with the much talked about IT skills, 21st Century skills, and interpersonal skills.

Game development, now considered a matter of craftsmanship begins with imagining the game, successfully communicating or documenting that information and ends with using your programming skills to actually develop of the game. There’s a lot more that happens as these stages progress: you need to define how the game works, describe the elements that would make up that game and weave a story around them, prepare strategies and imagine the visuals. The world of game development is exciting, interesting and a lot of fun.