Web Design

Bring your ideas, solutions and vision to the world by creating user-friendly websites that will enable you to connect and communicate with the world.

Duration : 2 Hours

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What You Will Learn

  • How a website works and the important elements required to design a website
  • Design your own website using a no-code platform called Weebly

Web Design

Every day we browse websites on our desktops or mobile devices to access information. A website’s layout and appearance are based on the content it wants to display for the intended user. Web designing allows you to build a visual and functional experience for a user that visits your website. The aesthetics of the website - the appearance, layout, feel, etc fall under the umbrella of Web Design.

  • 3:04

    Introduction to Web Design Course

  • 7:18

    Introduction to Web Design Concepts and Terms

  • 7:51

    Introduction to Web Design Tool : Weebly

  • 2:22

    Introduction to Project Theme : Decent Work & Economic Growth

  • 0:6

    Web Design Project : Business Website

  • 0:6

    Web Design Capstone

  • 0:6

    Web Design