Become A Professional Game Developer With Unity 3D

Game development made easy. Build the skills of creating 3D reality games without having any prior programming knowledge. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these video tutorials will help you achieve your creativity goals of game development

Duration : 36 Hours

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What You Will Learn

  • Create your own games from scratch in Unity 3D, a powerful and professional cross-platform game engine!
  • Build and publish your own 3D game
  • Find out how to experiment with Unity to enhance 3D game creation experience
  • Fundamental techniques in Unity development, such as Animation, Sound, Particle Systems, Scripting, UI, and much more

Advanced Course

This Unity 3D Game Development course introduces you to the fundamentals of 3D game design with Unity 3D engine. It is designed with the absolute beginner in mind and no prior experience with Unity is required. You will learn Unity from scratch and anyone who wants to learn about how professional 3D Games are created, then this is the right place for you.

Unity is a popular cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies which is used to create three-dimensional, two-dimensional, virtual reality, and augmented reality games, as well as simulations and other experiences.

You will start by exploring the Unity interface, and learning how to manipulate objects in the editor. Throughout this video course guides, you will be putting what you learn to immediate practice by creating an actual game. It will teach you to how to import assets for the game, apply physics to objects in the game, and how to combine assets to create complex objects. You will implement behaviours, learn to develop JavaScript and C# scripts, add animation and manage lighting for the game. Finally, you will render and build the game for distribution.

Once you have completed this course of game development with Unity 3D, you will have a strong grasp of the fundamentals needed to build a functional game using the Unity 3D engine and will have a working knowledge of how professional games are created.

  • 1:27

    About Game Development!

  • 4:50

    Be the Ecosystem Protector!

  • 1:48

    Introduction to Unity Game Development

  • 4:06

    About Unity & Unity ID Creation

  • 3:30

    Installation of Unity Editor

  • 3:22

    Create Your First Project

  • 5:25

    Getting familiar with Unity Terminologies

  • 12:08

    Building A Scene - Part I

  • 9:54

    Building A Scene - Part II

  • 8:12

    The Play Mode

  • 7:23

    Placing Collectibles

  • 25:37

    Project Set Up and Forest Scene Creation

  • 14:06

    Adding Animals to the Scene

  • 30:06

    Animating and Selecting Animals

  • 33:09

    Adding Animal Count and Level Timer

  • 15:36

    Exploring Level 1 in 3D Mode

  • 30:29

    Creating Level 2 & Animal Grid

  • 25:18

    Creating Animal Food Web

  • 46:52

    Add the Timer and Scoring system

  • 10:19

    Welcome Screen & Publish the Game

  • 5:37

    Save the Biodiversity - Part I

  • 6:01

    Save the Biodiversity - Part II